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Shaping organisational success – Part 5 – Ground Rules : Innovation

Risk Guide

The only things that separate us from our competitors are the skills, knowledge, commitment and innovative abilities of our people—no longer products or good service. Innovation comes from all employees, down to the lowest level. Re-invent the way you create the future as “business as usual” will not work.

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Generative AI as a catalyst for change in the telecommunications industry

IBM Services

Here are some ways AI can contribute to transformation in the telco ecosystem: Customer Lifecycle Management and service innovation The job of managing customer relationships is traditionally a reactive one: fielding calls, responding to emails and working out solutions.


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What is Supplier Management


Categorisation – Categorising suppliers based on a set of predefined metrics such as supply risk, supply criticality, and total spend is the process of categorizing suppliers.

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Digitally born, digitally demanding: Generation Z and the future of finance


Going further, the “Zoomer” generation gravitates towards immediate gratification and, particularly, “Buy now, pay later” services. Innovative intentions, inexperienced implementation Gen Z is also beset by a very tumultuous financial world. Macroeconomic trends like inflated real estate and education prices form a tight market.

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10 Types of Innovation: What Is It, Examples, and How To Use It

Planergy Software

Experience Service Innovations Service innovation is about making your products or services more enjoyable, easier to use, or improving their value. Chewy, an online pet supply store, is known for its stellar customer service.

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Sourcefit Joins IBPAP


By partnering with IBPAP, Sourcefit can share best practices and take advantage of opportunities to be more competitive, while staying committed to providing top quality and close, personal service for their global clients. About the Company. managed Sourcefit is a business process outsourcing company based in Manila, Philippines.

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The Ultimate Supplier Performance Evaluation Checklist


Innovation Those suppliers who put innovation at the center of their offerings are more likely to succeed in the long run than those who are not interested in it. Financial health Finances that are healthy enable suppliers to provide better service, innovate better, and be more accommodating to longer payment cycles.