Insurance: Transforming risk and compliance

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As economies emerge from the pandemic and plan for the next decade of growth, insurance companies need to rethink the strategic function of risk. Risk & Resilience Insights Insurance Risk management organization

Europe Predictions 2022: Insurance

Forrester's Customer Insights

Find out what Forrester predicts for insurance companies in 2022 and beyond. Europe financial services Insurance insurance industry trends predictions


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Underwriting talent: Strategies for property and casualty insurers

McKinsey & Company

Insights on Financial Services InsuranceFast-moving market conditions are putting new and more intense demands on underwriting. Updated talent strategies can help carriers meet this challenge.

A new age for insurance procurement

McKinsey & Company

In this podcast, McKinsey experts explore the insurance procurement themes executives should consider as the tremors from the pandemic push them to rethink their service-provider relationships. Insights on Financial Services Insurance

How top tech trends will transform insurance

McKinsey & Company

Over the next decade, the fully tech-enabled insurer will bear little resemblance to today’s organization. Five trends, individually and in combination, will have a seismic impact. Insights on Financial Services Financial Services

How OnBase Accelerator for Guidewire helps insurers compete


... The post How OnBase Accelerator for Guidewire helps insurers compete appeared first on The Hyland Blog. Insurance Guidewire insurance integrations InsurTech

Lemonade’s Acquisition of Metromile: Start Your Engines! The Race For Digital Insurance Supremacy Just Took A New Turn

Forrester - Business Intelligence

Last week Lemonade revealed Lemonade Car, its entry into auto insurance. This week, it announced the acquisition of Metromile, one of the largest usage-based auto insurers in the world. Talk about timing.

Consumer Empathy – The Missing Piece in Creating Excellent Insurance Purchasing Journeys


Over 40% of customers don’t trust their current insurer , and for a category where buying decisions are based on trust, this statistic should be alarming. This insight underscores that consumers seeking insurance want to be engaged emotionally as part of the experience.

Insurance industry Leveraging Outsourcing Solutions.


s highly complex and volatile business environment, the insurance industry across the globe is undergoing substantial change. Recently, companies engaged in the insurance business have been appreciating the importance of agile and flexible outsourcing In today?s

European insurance and the future of senior protection and well-being

McKinsey & Company

As Europe’s population ages and older adults’ needs broaden, insurers have a valuable opportunity to forge a path and build ecosystems to better serve the senior population.

Shanghai Tax Bureau Now Collecting Social Insurance


China has implemented a new social insurance collection process in which the Shanghai tax bureau is now collecting the insurance. Companies with their own social insurance accounts, have the funds deducted directly from their bank.

How European Auto And Home Insurers Can Differentiate On Customer Experience

Forrester's Customer Insights

Forrester surveyed customers of the 32 of the largest and most important auto and home insurance brands in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK about the quality of their experiences as a part of our European Auto And Home Insurers Customer Experience Index, 2021.

Insurance BPO: What Is It & How Your Business Benefit From It in 2021


What is Insurance BPO? This is a benefit that insurance companies can make the best of Did you know that the top reason for outsourcing (70%) is to cut down on costs?

Czech Republic Changes in Insurance, UBO, and Reporting Policies


Higher Income Base Requirements for Health Insurance . The Czech Republic has introduced several changes in insurance, UBO, and reporting policies for the year of 2021. As of January 1 st , 2021, the income base amount for health insurance contributions has been raised by CZK 500.

Improve Insurance Underwriting with Intelligent Automation

Automation Anywhere

When it comes to underwriting, the goal for insurance carriers is to determine the right price for the right risk. Yet, determining risk can be challenging, especially for carriers involved in commercial insurance. See Why RPA+AI Is Right for Your Insurance Business.

Robotic Process Automation in Insurance Industry


Insurance firms at present face tectonic shifts in the industry landscape due to technological innovation, new forms of competition, and an ever-challenging financial environment. Moreover, many insurers are confined in implementing new technologies due to legacy IT and paper-based infrastructures. In today’s challenges, there has been a surge of interest in the practical uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Healthcare & Insurance Call Center Services | We'll take care of every call.


We provide Health Care, Medical & Insurance Answering Services by Experienced professionals for US based Businesses. Our Call Centers are well equipped with amazing skills and technology for Medical and insurance sectors

Significance of Customer-Centric Inbound Call Center Services in Insurance Sector.


Faced with formidable market competition from non-customary players, the insurance sector is driven to reconnoiter new possibilities for consumer engagement and retention.

Future of Asia: The future of financial services

McKinsey & Company

Insights on Financial Services Banking Insurance Payments Asia-PacificChanges in Asia's consumer markets offer new and diverse opportunities for growth.

Identifying Automation Opportunities for Property and Casualty Insurers

Automation Anywhere

The insurance industry is faced with significant challenges, not the least of which is fraud. P&C insurers are projected to lose an estimated $80 billion annually in the United States due to fraud, according to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.

Top L&A Policy Administration Platform Providers: Individual Life, Group Life, & Annuities | Market Insights™

Everest Group

Insurance Market Insights™ Life and Annuities Life and pensionsL&A Policy Administration Platform. VIEW THE FULL REPORT.

Technology-driven growth in China: An interview with Jiang Xing

McKinsey & Company

The CEO of ZhongAn Insurance says the industry can generate momentum for growth by taking advantage of trends, preparing for future developments, and increasing investments in digital transformation. Insights on Financial Services Insurance China

Quick-response Medical, Insurance & Healthcare Call Center Services.


Without healthcare, it would be considered inhumane to subject people to undergoing treatment for their ailments. Our call center services are empathetic and effective

Influence AI has in Insurance industry in 2020


The use of artificial intellgence has increased exponentially across the insurance industry. Right from using simple chatbots to create a smoother customer experience to making sense of their existing data tgo create an impact in people’s insurance policies, AI has already started playing a crucial role in insurance companies. Where has AI helped for insurance companies Some of the use-cases we’ve helped our clients in the insurance domain using AI are

From insurtech to incumbent: How Aviva Singlife came to life

McKinsey & Company

Insights on Financial Services Insurance Capital managementMany start-ups aim for disruption, but what does it take to break through in the insurtech industry? The founder of Singlife shares his journey and insights.

How data and analytics are redefining excellence in P&C underwriting

McKinsey & Company

Most P&C insurers in Europe and North America are investing in data and analytics to improve underwriting; those with the most advanced capabilities enjoy better operating results and performance. Insights on Financial Services Insurance

How RPA Speed Up Claims Management in the Insurance Industry


There is no scope for customer satisfaction when claim processing takes more than 30 days and still, the applicant hasn’t heard back from the Insurers! Is insurance processing as smooth as promised?

Covid Accelerates Digital Disruption And Innovative Business Models In The Insurance Sector


Covid Accelerates Digital Disruption And Innovative Business Models In The Insurance Sector. C hanging risk landscape s and worsening loss ratios are shifting the role of insurance companies from risk mitigation to risk prevention. Press Releases.

Global perspectives on insurtechs

McKinsey & Company

Insights on Financial Services InsuranceThe growth of insurtechs is driving innovation and disruption in the industry. Four McKinsey experts discuss the current state and the future evolution of the field.

How RPA speeds up Accounts Settlement in Insurance Industry


Digital disruption in the commercial insurance industry is fundamental in the otherwise-soft market with “the winner takes it all” effect. Call it what you will: a firming market, a challenging market, a seller’s market, a disciplined market, an unconventional hard market — North American businesses are paying more for insurance

Enabling Agile Insurance Finance and Risk through Shared Services Part 1: The Pressure is on for Insurance CFOs

Accenture Insurance

Low interest rates, increased competition, sales channel pressures, legacy technology and proliferating regulations are all putting insurers under pressure to reduce costs and increase operating efficiencies. In this blog series, I’ll examine how these challenges are creating an increasing need for insurers to access specialized finance skills and talent on a scalable, near-real-time basis. Life P&C agile insurance shared services

Egypt Payroll Outsourcing Alert


Egypt – Comprehensive Health Insurance Law No. With its Comprehensive Health Insurance Law No. 2 for the year 2018, the government of Egypt reformed the public health insurance program by introducing a phased roll-out of the new program starting in 2018.

Enabling Agile Insurance Finance and Risk through Shared Services Part 2: A Global Platform for High Performance

Accenture Insurance

In my first post in this series, I looked at some of the challenges driving insurers to consider new resourcing models for their finance and risk functions. Enabling Agile Insurance Finance and Risk through Shared Services Part 2: A Global Platform for High Performance.

How Auditing Process is Simplified in the Insurance Industry using RPA


Blockchain use-cases for Insurance Industry in 2018


We already wrote about using Artificial Insurance for Claims Processing in Insurance Industry. To overcome issues like this, insurance companies are using technologies like blockchain in their existing workflow. The insurance companies are taking advantage of blockchain as it brings transparent information about the transactions, which creates a sense of trust Companies are incurring huge loses because of false claims and scams that happen everyday in the industry.

Top 4 dominated future technology trends of InsurTech


Insurtech, a word that refers to technology designed to improve efficiency within the insurance industry, has been accelerating for years. Insurance is a complicated field that is not straightforward for most consumers to understand. Reading Time: 3 minutes.

Redefining The Insurance Industry With Blockchain Using Hyperledger Fabric


What is Insurance? Insurance is basically an arrangement by which a company or the state undertakes to provide a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a specified premium. The best way to learn is by asking questions. We will proceed that way. There will be many useful links, in case you want to go through them in detail.

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Outsourcing to Hit $277B


The global banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) outsourcing market is expected to be worth more than $277 billion by 2020, according to a recent report released by Technavio. The general insurance segment of the global BFSI market captured most of outsourcing deals in terms of volume, with 55 to 60 percent market share in 2015, while the health and life insurance segment captured 35 to 40 percent.

Global Insurance Sector to Invest $3.5B in BPO


The global insurance sector will spend about $3.5 According to a report by Everest Group, the insurance sector will also invest more than $700 million for renewals annually following years of increased spending. The property and casualty (P&C) insurance segment will double the growth rate of the life and pension (L&P) sector, which accounts for 60 percent of overall spending. The post Global Insurance Sector to Invest $3.5B

Shifting the Perspective – The Side of Commerce That Never Gets Talked About


Non-product commerce includes industries such as insurance, travel, lodging, and events. For example, you can purchase car insurance for your vehicle directly through most major insurance carrier sites by simply answering questions about your vehicle, driving patterns, and more. .

The things Blockchain could do in the Insurance Industry


Introduction We’ve all heard and experienced the hype that surrounds blockchain technology. Every second article or document that is published relates to it in some way. To the general public, blockchain technology was introduced via cryptocurrency - Bitcoin. Due to it being used for not-so-ethical reasons, many have the idea that it is an ‘evil’ technology. Which is completely wrong, of course.

The European Union’s Sustainable Regulation Jigsaw Is Almost Complete

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Age of the Customer Banking Europe financial services Insurance Sustainability Sustainable finance Wealth ManagementThe EU has committed to becoming the first climate-neutral bloc in the world by 2050 and has adopted a slew of regulation to support this transition.

APAC Countries Look To Strengthen Sustainable Finance Regulations

Forrester's Customer Insights

Age of the Customer Asia Pacific Banking financial services Insurance Sustainability Sustainable finance Wealth ManagementIn APAC, vast political, economic, and social differences among countries pose an impact on sustainable finance regulations.