Clashing Priorities: Vendor Diversification vs Efficiency and Vendor Risk Management

Sourcing Advisors Group

Third : engage business stakeholders to optimize “raw materials” purchasing, while improving quality of service and right-sizing preferred vendor universe.

6 Characteristics of Cloud Computing Technology That Makes Your Business Agile


Right from Email to Docs, Spreadsheets, Calendars, and more, Google provides a vast range of cloud applications that we use day in and out. . Choosing the right size for your cloud infrastructure from the beginning. Reading Time: 10 minutes.


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Data Center Consolidation and Relocation


Then, it’s important to understand workload growth rates, so current and future infrastructure can be right-sized.

If IT Is from Mars, Procurement Is from Venus: 5 Steps to Break the Chasm between IT and Procurement for IT Sourcing

Everest Group

It is essential for procurement to keep IT onboard for actual negotiation talks and decisions, help price and right-size contracts for deals, and bring category and sourcing intelligence from past successful deals and supplier partnerships.

Storage Cascading Can be the Answer to Making Reverse Cloud Migration Work


As media sizes continue to grow, Medium Co realizes that they need additional capacity for their backup systems. By differentiating workloads that require next-generation technology from workloads still suited for existing technology, the introduction of new technology can be right-sized.