Good Governance Makes Data the Asset It Should Be


The post Good Governance Makes Data the Asset It Should Be appeared first on.orgSource. big data data governance #assnchat #assnconsult #association40 #data #datagovernance #leadership #strategyIs a hacker haunting your future? Or is your data dilemma more like a recurring headache?

The Transformative Power of RPA for Government Agencies

V-Soft Consulting

Governments too are increasingly adopting RPA to reduce time-consuming administrative tasks and focus on mission-critical activities. RPA GSA GovernmentRobotic Process Automation (RPA) has been playing a transformative role across industries and businesses in the private sector.


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IAOP GOV20: Rethinking Governance

Neo Group

It’s a big year for governance. COVID-19 has influenced thinking and spurred action among governance leaders. In this panel, leaders from the financial and insurance sectors discuss how regulations and compliance have to increasingly be included in ongoing governance.

How to Improve Information Governance and Cyber Security


Australian government research shows cyber-crime is costing the Australian economy approximately $3.5 In fact, the government is considering whether to impose personal liability on corporate directors for the cyber-attacks on their organisations. What Is Information Governance?

What is ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)?


Environmental, Social and Governance)? Environmental, Social and Governance’, or ‘ESG’ as its more commonly referred to, is having an increasingly important influence on how companies operate. The post What is ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)? What is ESG.

Teamwork, Mentorship, and Robots: A Summer at Capgemini Government Solutions


For all Capgemini Government Solutions blogs, Click here. Government Solutions Homepage. Government Solutions

5 RPA Trends to Watch in the Federal Government

Automation Anywhere

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is already entrenched in the federal government and continues to grow in importance. By adopting RPA, government organizations can keep pace with private sector companies, giving citizens timely access to the information they demand.

“Cloud-Smart” RPA Tops Federal Government’s Priority List

Automation Anywhere

Why wasn’t the federal government taking advantage of the cloud? So started the federal government's journey of “cloud-first” operations: to move as much IT functionality to the cloud as possible—both infrastructure and applications. More than 10 years ago, in December 2010, the U.S.

Government & Public Sector Call Center Outsourcing Services | Go4customer.


Secure & efficient call center services for Government and Public sector agencies. Go4customer provides high tech cloud solutions powered with Artificial Intelligence

Top five trends that are governing marketing strategies - Go4customer.


Follow these top five trends that are governing marketing strategies in the stiffly competitive business era to achieve larger customer base

Government Application Automation in Dubai


In today’s world where there is a culmination of baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, and Generation Alpha, it comes not without preferences in ways of data capture. While the Baby boomers may prefer the traditional pen-and-paper approach to things, Gen Z cannot sleep or walk without their mobile phones and iPads. It necessitates the presence of technology that is user-friendly, which lead to the advent of Blockchain Technology

Pandemic Pushes State, Local Governments to Modernize Systems


Pandemic Pushes State, Local Governments to Modernize Systems. Many home-bound citizens relied on governments to provide them with relevant information and to deal with pressing issues around healthcare, unemployment, and economic stability. Press Releases.

Shared Services & Process Improvement for Higher Education & Government

Chazey Partners

Chazey Partners is proud to sponsor and present at the Shared Services for Higher Education & Government being held November 29th to December 1st in … Shared Services & Process Improvement for Higher Education & Government Read More ».

Top 5 Questions Answered About RPA Security and Use for Government

Automation Anywhere

But government agencies worldwide—local, regional, or national—are confronting challenges that are unique to the public sector. Yet, many government agencies have concerns related to RPA security. The general benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are well known at this point.

Government data management for the digital age

McKinsey & Company

Public institutions can make more of their data resources. Five actions can help them modernize their data infrastructures and unlock significant value across state, economy, and society. Public & Social Sector Insights Public Sector Digital

The Importance of Strategy and Governance for Global Business Services

AH Anderson Consulting

This third article takes a “deep dive” on two key elements to ensure a successful GBS implementation: strategy and governance. However, there are two items that are foundational and provide the direction to the above items…strategy and governance. Importance of Governance.

The future of federal work

McKinsey & Company

How can the federal government think about remote work and the workplace environment—and communicate changes to its workforce? Public & Social Sector Insights Government Social Sector Public & Social Sector

The President’s New Management Agenda Has A Clear Approach To Strengthen Customer Experience (CX)

Forrester's Customer Insights

The new PMA has three priorities: employee experience, customer experience, and managing the business of government. Age of the Customer customer experience customer experience management customer obsession government

Latest Digital Transformation Technologies and Challenges Discussed by CTO


What is your definition of good governance as it relates to technology amid COVID-19 Pandemic?? In today’s environment you need to be sure you have governance that is agile. Their governance did not pertain to all these remote devices, especially a bring your own device environment.

How to Find the Right GSA IT Contractor and IT Staffing Vendor

V-Soft Consulting

Information Technology Government Cloud GSAFinding suppliers who can deliver on-time and below budget is a challenge for every organization, but none more critical than those working in governmental sectors.

Marketing Operations Wears Many Hats: Find The Best Fit For 2022

Forrester's Customer Insights

B2B Marketing Data Governance marketing measurement & optimization Marketing Operations Planning AssumptionsWhere should you focus your efforts in 2022 to deliver the best possible customer experience and better organizational performance? Start with these five areas.

Perficient Listed in Forrester Now Tech: Data Management Service Providers, Q4 2021


Mature and scale data governance. According to the report, “Specialized service providers concentrate on data and governance foundations. Data plays an essential role in today’s digital economy and keeping up with modern data management processes is key to staying competitive.

The 2021 Forrester And InfoWorld EA Awards Contest Winners Focus On Agility And Enabling Innovation

Forrester's Customer Insights

Application Development & Delivery Architecture & Technology Strategy Data Governance enterprise architecture Innovation technical debt

Key Take Aways From IAA Mobility: Repositioning The Automotive Industry Around Changing Customer Priorities

Forrester's Customer Insights

Age of the Customer Automation Automotive Big Data customer experience Data Governance Data Insights digital business digital disruption digital product management Digital Transformation EMEA emerging technology Europe Innovation internet of things (IoT) user experience (UX

A Closer Look at the CGS Professional Services Capability


For all Capgemini Government Solutions blogs, Click here. Government Solutions Homepage. Government Solutions

Predictions 2022: The Global Public Sector Will Transform Itself — And Society

Forrester's Customer Insights

Digital Transformation employee experience government Information Technology robotic process automation (RPA) Sustainability Zero Trust promoted

The Days When SA&T Operated Solely To Train People About Security Are Vanishing

Forrester's Customer Insights

Age of the Customer Cybersecurity Cybersecurity Trends GRC - Governance, Risk, And Compliance security risk managementI’ve been living and breathing the security awareness and training (SA&T) market since joining Forrester 3.5

Predictions 2022: As Digitization Accelerates, Lack of Equity, Labor, And Trust Plagues Healthcare

Forrester's Customer Insights

Cybersecurity Trends Data Governance Data Insights data security emerging technology pandemic predictionsThe resiliency of the US health system was put to the test in 2021.

Employee Vaccination Mandates: Indecision Is The Riskiest Decision Of All

Forrester's Customer Insights

employee experience GRC - Governance, Risk, And Compliance risk managementUnited Airlines CEO Scott Kirby is on a media tour extolling the success of its mandatory vaccination policy, which in just seven weeks has resulted in vaccination of 99.7% of its 67,000 US employees.

GRC Platforms Morph From Maslow’s Hammer To The Swiss Army Knife

Forrester's Customer Insights

Age of the Customer GRC - Governance, Risk, And Compliance risk managementWinston Churchill said it best, “never let a good crisis go to waste,” and GRC vendors have heeded the advice not once, but twice.

Our future lives and livelihoods: Sustainable and inclusive and growing

McKinsey & Company

Here, we offer a proposal for business, government, and society leaders. Growth for all, growth for good. Sustainable Inclusive Growth Growth Strategy Corporate Finance

Why is Call Center Outsourcing Demand Surging?


In 2020, brands, organizations, and government agencies quickly learned that they were ill-equipped to manage the dramatic impact of COVID-19 on their call centers. Demand for outsourced call centers is becoming increasingly relevant.

Buying into a more sustainable value chain

McKinsey & Company

Two-thirds of the average company’s environment, social, and governance footprint lies with suppliers. Procurement leaders who take bold action can make a decisive difference in sustainability. Insights on Operations Operations Sustainability

Open Access BPO Secures Safety Seal Certification

OpenAccess BPO

This certification verifies that a Philippine-based company complies with the public health standards set by the government.

BPO 83

Evolution and opportunity in the postpandemic economy

McKinsey & Company

Industry and the government have evolved rapidly since the COVID-19 outbreak. What still needs to change, what will stay, and what will be left behind in the postpandemic economy? Public & Social Sector Insights Economic development Innovation

Smart Tips for Overcoming E-invoicing Challenges in Latin America


Latin America leads the world in tax-related Electronic Invoicing or “ e-invoicing”- implementation, the practice of submitting and formalizing every business invoice electronically through the government before it can be sent to customers.

Shaping the future of fast-charging EV infrastructure

McKinsey & Company

To help electric vehicles reach ubiquity, governments and EV charging companies must ensure the availability of fast-charging infrastructure doesn’t become a bottleneck for growth.

Safe, smart, and green: Boosting European passenger rail’s modal share

McKinsey & Company

Despite pandemic-related decline in demand, European passenger rail has potential for sustainable, long-term growth–companies and governments can take action to make investments that will help improve modal share. Insights on Travel, Logistics & Infrastructure Travel, Logistics & Infrastructure

Cyber resilience: Protecting America’s digital infrastructure

McKinsey & Company

Faced with rising cyberthreats, government and the private sector will need to improve their digital hygiene while also preparing for the next wave of cyber adversaries. Public & Social Sector Insights High Tech & Internet Public & Social Sector Digital

Ways RPA Improves Efficiency of GRC Activities

V-Soft Consulting

One such critical business function is Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). The Enterprise Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance Market was valued at $31.95 Automation transforms legacy processes and drives digital transformation.

Tax Preparation Outsourcing: What to Outsource and What to Retain


As indirect taxes become a leading revenue stream for governments worldwide, navigating the wealth of complex and country-specific tax regulations is more challenging than ever for companies that compete on the global stage.

A smarter way to think about public–private partnerships

McKinsey & Company

For governments pursuing public–private partnerships for large infrastructure projects, capitalizing on the risk-management capabilities of the private sector could be a more efficient and effective approach. Risk & Resilience Insights Public-private partnerships Risk Management

Open Access BPO Achieves GDPR compliance

OpenAccess BPO

The GDPR is the EU’s data privacy and protection law that governs how businesses handle EU citizens’ personal data.

BPO 80