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Supply & Demand Chain Executive, “Inventory Management Issues Impact Working Capital,”

The Hackett Group

The post Supply & Demand Chain Executive, “Inventory Management Issues Impact Working Capital,” appeared first on The Hackett Group. This indicates a shift of leverage toward sellers, driven by supply chain bottlenecks, inflation pressures and geopolitical risks.

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Six Challenges to Navigate When Shifting From Wholesale to Direct-to-Consumer Models

Perficient Digital Transformation

Precision In Inventory Management and Availability Alongside a curated product list, a critical assessment revolves around inventory management and the formulation of publishing rulesets. Unlike conventional ERP solutions, these rules often reside within an Order Management System (OMS).


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NetSuite AI for Smart Retail: Drive Growth & Efficiency


In this blog, we’ll explore how NetSuite, with its AI capabilities, can be a game changer for demand forecasting, inventory management, and the way you connect with customers. Case Study: Party Goods struggled with inefficient inventory management and outdated tools that hampered their sales force.

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Aloha wegg® Fans: Get Ready for Our Next Wegginar® With Kiani Wong from Kaka?ako Kasuals on 11/3 at 11AM CT

The Global Small Business Blog

She specializes in B2B wholesale trade, sourcing, inventory management and product development for her company. Kiakahi (Kiani) Wong is the President and CEO of Kaka?ako ako Kasuals, a Native Hawaiian-owned and operated footwear company based in Honolulu, Hawai'i.

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Solving Retail Industry Challenges with Data Lakes

V-Soft Consulting

The retail industry faces an array of challenges from consistent market trends and customer preferences to on-site issues with inventory management and supply chain optimization. In the fast-paced world of retail, the industry is leaning towards harnessing the power of data and other related techniques.

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Days Inventory Outstanding: What Is It and How to Calculate It

Planergy Software

Download Free Copy Days Inventory Outstanding: What Is It and How to Calculate It Written by Mary Girsch-Bock 17 min read Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Financial Ratios Inventory Management Download PDF IN THIS ARTICLE What Is Days Inventory Outstanding? Should Days Inventory Outstanding Be High or Low?

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NetSuite for Manufacturing: AI-Powered Operational Excellence


A startling statistic: Did you know that poor inventory management costs manufacturers around 20% of their annual revenue? NetSuite AI can help you reclaim that lost treasure and reinvest it in strategic areas.