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When Your Supply Chain’s Disrupted, Intelligent Automation Steps Up

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The world’s supply chain woes have been well documented, with COVID-19 disrupting global shipping, transportation, and manufacturing industries. The shipping industry lost 1.52 Businesses are especially challenged with managing their supply chain functions: logistics, invoicing, creating bills of materials…the list goes on.

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How to build more sustainable transportation infrastructure

IBM Business Partners

For example, if a delivery truck or ship transporting goods breaks down midway through its journey, the technicians sent to repair it will use fuel to get there and back—increasing the ship’s carbon footprint.

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Tax Deductions Guide 2021


You’ll also need to account for the costs of shipping, transportation, and storage fees. It’s not uncommon for the price you pay for inventory to shift throughout the year. To account for this, most businesses use an average weighted value for each product. What’s Happening With Business Meals?