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How to keep your operations costs low 


Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a cost-effective solution for many companies that want to reduce operational costs. In this blog post, we will show how BPO can help companies keep operational costs low , and how nearshore investment can be a cost-effective option. Identifying company needs.

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Diminish Operating Costs With Specialized Outbound Services.


Any company that partners with a call center enjoys the benefits of diminished operating costs. They allow business owners and mid-sized firms to save vital time as well as conserve upon their assets. Such value-based services increase revenues and ultimately lead to a boosted ROI.


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Hackett: Procurement Operating Costs Increase For the First Time in a Decade

The Hackett Group

Despite increases in year-on-year operating costs, Digital World Class procurement organizations excel at cost optimization compared to typical organizations, The Hackett Group ® found. They now operate at 21% lower cost than their peers and have 32% fewer staff. Digital World Class Procurement Orgs Drive 2.4X

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Hackett Research: Inflation, Geopolitical Unrest, Other Factors Drive Up Operational Costs of Finance for the First Time in Decades

The Hackett Group

Miami, FL — July 13, 2023 — For the first time in decades, most finance organizations experienced a significant increase in operating costs in 2023, driven by inflationary pressures, geopolitical unrest and other uncertainty factors, according to new research from The Hackett Group , Inc. NASDAQ: HCKT).

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4 Ways to Lower Operational Costs and Increase Efficiency


These services cut costs across the board while freeing up time for your employees to spend on the job you hired them to do instead of unprofitable administrative tasks. The post 4 Ways to Lower Operational Costs and Increase Efficiency appeared first on MetaSource.

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The Software Industry Trends That Matter In 2023

Forrester Digital Transformation

Growth alone is no longer enough, as shifts in investment capital are forcing new emphasis on managing profits and operational costs. In 2023 the software industry will continue to grow and expand its share of the overall tech market spend; however, challenges exist.

Software 130
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What is business transformation?

McKinsey and Company

Business transformations are designed to boost overall performance through increased revenue, lower operating costs, and better customer satisfaction and workforce productivity.