Knowledge management software tools | MicroSourcing


John F. Kennedy once declared that knowledge is power. That being the case, we can only imagine how much the fallen U.S. President would have relished the relatively modern concept of knowledge management (KM).

6 reasons to outsource customer support for eCommerce | MicroSourcing


When historians reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic in years to come, they will have a wealth of social phenomena to analyze. The impact of lengthy lockdowns on mental health. The evolution of office environments due to a rise in remote working.


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Glossary of key outsourcing terminology and models | MicroSourcing


Outsourcing is where one company engages another company to provide services that were traditionally performed in-house.

Trends in Banking and Finance | MicroSourcing


When COVID-19 quickly evolved from an emerging disease in China in late 2019 to a full-blown global pandemic a few months later, the banking and finance industry could have been forgiven for thinking: “Here we go again.”

How RPO can improve the candidate experience | MicroSourcing


In the early weeks of 2021, about 42,000 employers were asked to answer a simple question as part of an in-depth study into an issue believed to be taking a tremendous toll on companies across the globe - “Are you having difficulty filling jobs?”